Open Road Summer

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

This wonderful debut novel by Emery Lord tells the tale of two best friends who are growing and becoming their own person, one of them just happens to be a famous country star. Reagan and Lilah (the famous one) are spending the summer together while Lilah is on tour. Together they nurse their broken hearts and spend time like only best friends can, but a scandal and a boy, Matt, threaten to ruin their summer of a lifetime.

I loved this quick, fun read and enjoyed the writing. Emery Lord creates a great friendship between Reagan and Lilah. She shows how different they are, and yet incredibly close. Reagan was dealing with typical high school issues and Lilah was dealing with hollywood drama. The friendship was realistic and I loved Matt’s relationship with everyone on the tour. The banter between Matt and Reagan was witty and delightful to experience.  I highly recommend this book!


Published:2014, 368 pages

5 Puple Stars


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