The Promise of Amazing

The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine

There were so many things that were uncertain. Except him. – Wren, The Promise of Amazing

The Promise of Amazing is simply amazing! Wren Caswell and Grayson Barrett could not be more opposite yet could a freak choking accident make it love at first heimlich maneuver?

Wren has always done the right thing but is struggling to maintain her good grades and beginning to question everything as college fastly approaches. Grayson was the most popular boy at St. Gabe’s with the perfect grades and star of the lacrosse team but that all comes to a halt when he is expelled. When Grayson meets Wren, his whole world changes and she makes him want to become a better person but will his evil former best friend Logan allow Grayson to move on from his old ways and actually be happy?

What I loved most about this entertaining read was how real it was. The author didn’t sugar coat the complexities of adolescence and the challenges of overcoming poor past decisions. Yet the story still showcased the beauty of young love and the joys of starting fresh. Not to mention Wren and Grayson are so completely and utterly adorable and I truly enjoyed the development of their relationship.

Words cannot express my love for this book. 5 out of 5 stars, I honestly wish I could give it even more stars. The sequel, The Secrets of Attraction comes out later this month and will focus on on Wren’s best friend Maddie’s story, so excited!

Published 2013. 371 pages.

5 Puple Stars


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