Red Queen

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

If I fall, if I even slip, I will die. And others will die from my failure. – Red Queen

Red Queen is Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel and it’s a wonderful debut. Set in a world where it is divided between people who have red blood and people who have silver blood, their world is tense with fighting and rebellions. Mare is a red blood and is about to drafted into the army when chance happens and she becomes a servant for the King instead. Her presence becomes compromised and she is forced to pretend to be a Silver. As her life becomes more complicated with the charade she has to play, alliances are formed and broken and lives become endangered.

A gripping debut novel by Aveyard, I couldn’t put it down. Her writing is vivid and full of imagery, it allows your imagination to run wild. It was a wonderful read and the plot was well thought out and the characters were fully developed. Mare is a wonderful character who has been thrust into a world she doesn’t understand. The only reason I give it a 4/5 is because it reads like all the other dystopian novels. It is a wonderful read for anyone who enjoys dystopian novels, as it is a mixture of The Hunger Games Series, Divergent Series and The Selection Series all combined. I think it is a wonderful read and it is a fresh new author in the dystopian world. 4/5

Published: 2015, 400 pages

4 Purple Stars


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