Travelling to Infinity

Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen by Jane Hawking

This memoir is the remarkable story of Stephen and Jane Hawking. Told from Jane’s point of view, the reader is given an insight into their relationship and the tolls that his disease took on them. The brilliance of Stephen Hawking is overshadowed by his battle with ALS. Jane one of the most underrated women in history, who has been left in the shadow of her husband’s achievements. Her story and voice is finally heard in this touching memoir of her life with Stephen.

I wanted to read the book that the movie The Theory of Everything was based on. I was intrigued with the Hawking’s life and how they managed to cope with Stephen’s ALS. I thought the book was interesting and gave a lot of insight into their lives, but I felt it was tedious and could have been shorter. Jane rambles a lot in her writing and some points the writing felt very juvenile. Overall, if you want to know more about the Hawking’s, I recommend it, but know that it will take a bit of an effort to muddle through. 2.5/5

Published: 2010, 440 pages.

2 Purple Stars


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