Love, Lucy

Love, Lucy by April Lindner

 When a person loves something…or someone…you just have to…you just have to stand back and let them. – Love, Lucy

Lucy is a carefree 18 year old who is about to start college. The summer before her freshman year, her parents paid for her trip to Europe as a bribe to make her study business. Lucy is accompanied by Charlene, who has a little bit of an attitude. As Lucy wanders Florence, she discovers more about herself and becomes more independent. While wandering the streets, she runs into a street musician, Jesse. Throughout the rest of her trip, Jesse weaves himself into her life and when her trip ends, she says goodbye to Jesse, but sometimes summer romances are more than just a summer romance.

I am a huge fan of April Lindner and I have been to Europe, so I was extremely excited to read her new book. I loved reading about Lucy’s adventures in Florence and it felt like I was there. Lucy is a great character, a little innocent and naive, but completely lovable. I was swooning over Jesse from page one and their friendship and romance is swoon worthy. The story is a fun, light read and makes me want to travel to Florence so I can trace Lucy’s steps and fall in love with Florence as she did. The first chapter was slow for me to get through, but once I did, the rest is wonderful and easy to read. 4/5

Published 2015, 271 pages.

4 Purple Stars


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