The Conspiracy Of Us

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

It was a photo. A photo of a girl with long dark hair and matching dark eyes focused just out of the frame. The girl was me. – The Conspiracy of Us.

The Conspiracy of Us is Maggie Hall’s debut novel and it’s an intense one. It begins with Avery and her friend Jack, who is acting suspiciously. Her high school dance gets crashed by another suspicious dude and she ends up on a plane to France with him. Once in France she begins to unravel the complicated history of the different families who have ruled society for as long as one can remember. Sound crazy? It is, and somehow Avery is in the middle of it.

The Conspiracy of Us is a fast-paced novel that shows the meaning of love is complicated. Hall pulls you into the story with an intriguing beginning of why does Jack have a photo of Avery? Things only get crazier from there and Hall does a wonderful job at keeping the book fun, engaging and conspiracy filled. The characters of Jack, Avery and Stellan are honest, frustrating and mysterious (also love triangle alert!) Avery was a little naive to begin with, I’m not sure how many other people would agree to go to Paris with a stranger. Certain plot lines could have been fleshed out or left out, but overall I thought it was a phenomenal debut novel and one that definitely needs to be read. Clearly Avery’s story couldn’t be told in one story, and with a cliffhanger like that one, you’ll be wishing the second book was already released. 4/5

Published: 2015, 336 pages

4 Purple Stars


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