The Trouble With Flirting

The Trouble With Flirting by Claire LaZebnik

A modern retelling of Mansfield Park, I love Jane Austen retellings. Fanny is spending the summer at Mansfield Summer Theater Program, but she isn’t attending it, she’s working as a costume assistant for her aunt. She gets to spend time with her crush Alex Braverman, but he’s focused on a different lady. Then there is flirtatious Henry Cartwright who’s notorious at breaking hearts, but what is a little summer fun romance right?

I love retellings of Jane Austen stories, but this one was a little of the mark for me. If this was marketed just as a young adult novel, I would have loved it, but because it was marketed as a retelling of Mansfield park, I expected more parallels than what was actually written. As its own story I loved the characters of Fanny, Henry and Alex, the love triangle is always fun to read. The idea is clever and extremely enjoyable to read. The writing flows really well and it is a great quick summer read. 3.5/5

Published: 2013, 336 pages.

3 Purples Stars


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