The Secrets of Attraction

The Secrets of Attraction by Robin Constantine

“I feel so small—like when I’m sitting here and looking up, I realize that nothing is ever still, those stars are constantly imploding and dying and new ones are born, and we’re on some spinning hunk of rock in the middle of the galaxy and when you look at it that way, you realize how insignificant we really are, and it’s scary, but then you wonder, how can we be alone? ” – Robin Constantine, The Secrets of Attraction 

Madison Pryce does let anyone in, her focus is on getting into a huge summer art program and hanging out with her friends. But when a family friend comes to visit and a huge secret is revealed, her whole outlook on life changes. Meanwhile, Jesse McMann is struggling to overcome a recent breakup that left him completely heart broken. But when his brand is begins looking for a new drummer, Jesse and Madison’s worlds collide when Grayson, Maddison’s best friend Wren’s boyfriend tries out for the band. 

To say I loved The Promise of Amazing would be the understatement of the century, so I had rather high expectations for Robin Constantine’s follow-up and I was not disappointed. Fans of The Promise of Amazing will also be super happy because there is a ton of Wren and Grayson in this book. Jesse and Madison are equally adorable and there story is a wonderful summer read.

I liked that there was a slow build to Jesse and Maddison’s relationship and the fact that they became friends first, made it feel much more real. It also allowed me to form a real connection with the characters and become invested in their relationships and story. This book dealt with real issues and showcased the importance of overcoming your own personal struggle in order to let your be truly happy. 5 out of 5 stars.

Published: 2015, 385 pages.

5 Puple Stars




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