No Excuses

No Excuses by Derrick Coleman

An inspirational memoir that shares the determined spirit of Derrick Coleman, this story is tells you why you should never give up on your dreams. Born with a hearing problem, Derrick Coleman is deaf, but extremely blessed. Growing up in a world filled with love, frustration and perseverance, Coleman never gave up on his dream to play in the NFL.  What we see as an obstacle, Coleman saw it a motivator. It motivated him to prove he could play football just as well as anyone else.

This is a fascinating inside story of Coleman’s life and how he managed to obtain a spot on the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl winning team. An easy enjoyable read, Coleman’s voice shown through this wonderful memoir. While the writing is simple and very basic it is clear that Coleman worked hard to produced a well-written story. It is well paced and very informative. Throughout the memoir Coleman states he doesn’t seem himself as a role model, but reading No Excuses I cannot see why someone wouldn’t want him as a role model. He worked hard to achieve his dreams,  continues to work hard and gives back to his community. That is role model worthy. A great read all around. 4/5

Published: 2015, 272 pages.

4 Purple Stars


One thought on “No Excuses

  1. fangswandsfairy(alt)

    I am immediately curious about what strategies he used to work with his teams throughout his life, what position he played, and whether he used a ghost writer. I would love to see a picture of the cover.


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