Catch A Falling Star

Catch A Falling Star by Kim Culbertson

Carter Moon likes the small world of her town Little, California. She works with her dad at their cafe and star-gazes at night with her best friends.  Life changes in Little when Hollywood descends upon them, thrusting them into the spotlight of troubled teen Adam Jakes. Her life changes when she is asked to pose as Adam’s girlfriend in order to help clean up his bad boy image. Things start to feel real, but is it real? Or is this just another Hollywood publicity stunt?

A really great summer read that is flirty and fun. I am a sucker for Hollywood romances and this is no different. I really liked the writing and how easily it flowed. It felt natural and the language use was right for their age group. Carter is my favorite character, her best friend Chloe was a bit obnoxious but she is a great friend for Carter.  I felt the lead up to the ending was a little abrupt and could have been integrated to the story-line a little earlier. Overall it’s an enjoyable quick read. 4/5

Published: 2014, 304 pages.

4 Purple Stars



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