Not In The Script

Not In The Script by Amy Finnegan

 I’ve always thought that when I one day found myself feeling like this, I would wonder if it was the real thing – if it was something genuine enough, like Jake said, to last. But I realize in this moment that there isn’t any single questioning if in my head. I’m falling in love with him. – Not In The Script

Not In The Script tells the tale of Jake and Emma trying to live life in the Hollywood spotlight. Emma has grown up with the constant paparazzi hounding her doorstep and has learned that dating your costar always ends in a mess and on the front page of the tabloids. Jake is the new guy in the world of Hollywood and can’t help falling for Emma, but Emma doesn’t want to date another costar.

Such a fun and enjoyable read. I loved Emma and Jake together and thought Finnegan created such a realistic world that I would love to see on the big screen. Emma is sometimes a little naive for someone who’s been in Hollywood as long as she has. It definitely shows that the fame and glory isn’t always as fun as it seems to be from the outside. The writing is terrific and honest, the characters speak and act their age. A great read for the summer or anytime. 5/5

Published: 2014, 392 pages.

5 Puple Stars


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