Justice for All

Justice For All: Earl Warren and the Nation He Made by Jim Newton

Book description from Amazon.

In Justice for All, Jim Newton, an award-winning journalist for the Los Angeles Times, brings readers the first truly comprehensive consideration of Earl Warren, the politician-turned-Chief Justice who refashioned the place of the court in American life through landmark Supreme Court cases whose names have entered the common parlance — Brown v. Board of Education, Griswold v. Connecticut, Miranda v. Arizona, to name just a few. Drawing on unmatched access to government, academic, and private documents pertaining to Warren’s life and career, Newton explores a fascinating angle of U.S. Supreme Court history while illuminating both the public and the private Warren. One of the most acclaimed and best political biographies of its time, Justice for All is a monumental work dedicated to a complicated and principled figure that will become a seminal work of twentieth-century U.S. history.

My Review:

A wonderful encompassing biography about Earl Warren and how he changed the nation. I picked up this book to learn more about Earl Warren and the important decisions that changed the United States (Brown v. Board of Education is one example of a case that he oversaw). This is an excellently written biography that I felt was really honest. Newton wrote about both the bad and good court decisions that Warren made. He didn’t hold back on his criticism on the bad decisions. It is a bit of a long read that will take you a while to muddle through, the beginning is a little long, but imperative to know as many of events in his childhood would influence his later decisions. I recommend this for anyone who wants to know more about some of the most important Supreme Court cases that changed the Nation and about the man who pushed for those changed. 4/5 stars.

Published: 2007, 624 pages.

4 Purple Stars


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