Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes  by Dahlia Adler

I finally read this book! The synopsis is about two best friends who live entirely different worlds. One is a Hollywood superstar, the other is your average teenage girl. Vanessa Park is the newest Hollywood It Girl and extremely loyal to her best friend Ally Duncan. When Ally’s family realizes they can’t pay for Ally’s college, Vanessa comes to the rescue. Employing Ally as her assistant was meant to be simple, but when Ally starts falling her Vanessa’s co-worker, the one that the network publicists have arranged to be Vanessa’s boyfriend, things become complicated. As if Hollywood wasn’t anything but complicated.

I loved this book! First off, how awesome is it that Vanessa Park is Asian? Diverse YA for the win!!! Okay now for the review, I thought this was a really fun great read. Ally is a typical teenager who makes mistakes and I loved how honest Adler made everyone. The friendship between Vanessa and Ally was real and relatable, Liam and Ally’s relationship is swoon worthy. The only thing that bugged me was Ally, sometimes I wanted to bang my head against the wall and shake some sense into her, she doesn’t think things through. This is what made me impressed with Adler’s writing.

Adler did such a great job writing the story and  how the characters were portrayed. They felt was very authentic and genuine, hence my frustration, elation and sadness every time a big moment happened with Ally. The writing was realistic to their age and really smooth, it flowed very well.  It was a great summer read, I definitely recommend you pick it up! 4/5

Published: 2014, 328 pages

4 Purple Stars


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