Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker

Bird Barrett grew up in an unusual lifestyle. Traveling the road with her musical family, she is used to the lifestyle of a musician. Her family travel to a different venue every night and eventually the toll wears her father down. He is comes down with a cold and is unable to sing at the venue that night. Bird, who plays the fiddle and sang backup, takes the stage and fills in for her father. Unbeknownst to the Barrett family, a talent scout is in the crowds and decides he wants to sign Bird to a record deal.

This book was recommended to me because I enjoyed Open Road Summer by Emory Lord so much. I thought I would enjoy this book about the same. While this book was a quick read, it was really hard for me to get into the characters. I really couldn’t connect to Bird’s character and it was hard for me to sympathize with her. In my opinion she was constantly whining and complaining about how difficult her life was even though she chose to sign the record deal. I enjoyed her relationship with her family and their love and devotion to each other, but overall this book was boring. 2/5

Published: 2014, 316 pages

2 Purple Stars


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