Scarlet In The Snow

Scarlet in the Snow by Sophie Masson

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Natasha is plunged into a world of mystery, magic and darkness. Accidentally stumbling across a mansion while on her way home, she realizes she has encountered something beyond her understanding. She becomes entangled in a deep, complicated mystery full of revenge and spells, with time running out and an evil force working against her, Natasha has to fight to save her beast or he will be lost forever.

I love retellings and so I was very excited to read this book, however it was difficult for me to read. I enjoyed the premise, and I think Masson is a wonderful writer, but I got lost in all the magic that was used in the story. Maybe I’m missing a prequel, but Natasha (as the story is told in her POV) would reference different types of magic and spells and it was hard for me to keep following. I also thought it was going to be a romantic story, as I often think Beauty and the Beast is romantic, but I didn’t feel the spark between Natasha and the Beast. Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this book and didn’t really enjoy it. 1/5

Published 2013, 336 pages.

1 Purple Star


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