Death in Sweden

Death in Sweden by Kevin Wignall

“This was the only real difference between the two of them, an empty apartment, and another full of life.”

Goodreads description:

Dan Hendricks is a man in need of a lifeline. A former CIA operative, he is now an agent for hire by foreign powers on the hunt for dangerous fugitives. It’s a lethal world at the best of times, and Dan knows his number is almost up. His next job could be his last—and his next job is his biggest yet.

The target sounds trackable enough: Jacques Fillon, who gave up his life trying to save a fellow passenger following a bus crash in northern Sweden. But the man was something of an enigma in this rural community, and his death exposes his greatest secret: Jacques Fillon never existed at all.

Dan is tasked with uncovering Fillon’s true identity—but can he do so before his own past catches up with him?


The premise of the story was intriguing but I found the writing style rather confusing.  There are many instances where I had to reread in order to understand what was going on. The main character was very one dimensional and there wasn’t any character development over the course of the novel. I usually really enjoy political, spy thrillers but this one didn’t do it for me. 2 out 5 stars. 

2 Purple Stars

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