Holly Hearts Hollywood

Holly Hearts Hollywood  by Kenley Conrad

Book Description:

Holly Hart wants to be a star, but Shell Shocked Records just wants her voice. Combine her voice with Lacey’s looks and a star is born. Holly Hart is okay with living in the background of the craziness of Hollywood, until Grayson Frost walks in.

Grayson Frost is the bully of Holly’s younger days and now Lacey’s boyfriend. With the three of them constantly together, Holly tries her best to ignore him. But Grayson shows her he has changed her ways and soon sparks fly between the two, and when he confesses to Holly he fell in love with Lacey because of her voice, Holly is stuck in the middle. Does she follow her heart and tell Grayson or does she remember she’s contractually obligated to say nothing?


A really cute book about first love, Hollywood and your dreams. Conrad writes a wonderfully fluffy book that is a fun, quick read. Parts of it seem rather slow and I found it hard to buy into some of the things going on in Holly’s life.  I felt her mom and sister lacked any real reason to be there and they were randomly thrown into the story haphazardly.

The biggest drawback for me was the execution of the story. While I have nothing wrong with journal telling stories, I found it hard to buy into the fact that she would bring it with her everywhere – to premieres, parties, etc… Part of her big secret is that she is contractually not allowed to say anything – how has no one tried to swipe her journal and read it?

Overall it was a fun quick read if you are trying to find a simple book to read. 2.5/5 stars

Published: 2014

2 Purple Stars


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